Top 5 First-Gen Pokémon

Ranking Pokémon, especially the first generation which I grew up with, has to be one of the hardest things to do on the planet next to taking your drivers test when all of a sudden the breaks fail. Limiting them down to only 5, as the section suggests, means I have a more clear and concise view on the things I admire. Also, I think I’m a bit of a simpleton. Nonetheless, here’s my top 5 personal favorite Pokémon from the first generation.

5. Gyarados

Gyarados immediately stood out to me for various reasons. One, it’s a sea monster, and two, it’s a damn sea monster in your pocket. Gyarados’ gigantic size and very intimidating presence immediately make him/her one of the most formidable Pokémon to come out of the first generation. Also, the benefits of owning a Gyarados means you could go shark hunting. Tell me something that’s more extreme than that?

4. Arcanine

Despite never having owned a dog myself, I’ve always loved them. This was first brought to light through Pokémon when I first glanced at Arcanine, a massive, fluffy canine capable of some immense physical damage by way of fire. Arcanine may also be the most majestic Pokémon on this list as I could potentially see myself owning one of these if I ever existed in the world. I made it my mission countless times to own an Arcanine with almost every game I bought too.

3. Articuno

Pokémon 2000 was a great movie… by Pokémon standards, anyway. Lugia would easily have been on the list had it not been for the fact that it’s a second-gen Pokémon, but another gigantic avian monster stood out to me. Between Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno, I found the ice bird to be the most enticing of all of them, especially considering its large size and aura of sheer natural power. Moltres and Zapdos may be the most destructive of the feathery trio, but Articuno definitely appeared more composed and capable of controlling its elemental energy.

2. Gengar

Of the ghostly variety in the first generation, Gengar would easily be the one I’d not want to run into in a dark room. Gengar, the final evolutionary stage of Ghastly, is a feisty one, given his terrifying appearance (I blame the large smile) as well as his arsenal of jaw-dropping powers; for I have yet to find an attack quite as vicious as slipping into ones psyche and literally causing them to go insane.

1. Mewtwo

The big cheese of the first generation of Pokémon, Mewtwo is also the most powerful, completely on equal footing with Mew. Mewtwo also has the uncanny ability to bend the will of other Pokémon without the use of some elaborate hypnosis (looking at you, Drowzee) and can conjure up dark energy balls at the whim. Mewtwo’s iconic design and universal appeal also make him the ideal pick for a number of old-school Pokémon lovers, and thanks to a particular movie in 1999 that caused many young boys to shed tears, solidified his reputation as the coolest of all.


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