Top 5 Games of E3 2017

You know what I love about E3? Getting excited for a game that may or may not ever come out. The Final Fantasy VII Remake was a brilliant idea, but it’s been over two years and the only inkling of news out of Square Enix regarding the game is that they probably hired a new janitor. Otherwise, E3 2017 wasn’t the massive hype train I was expecting. There were many great games revealed but none really stuck the landing quite as potently as, say, Resident Evil 7 or Shenmue III. I guess pressure set in on developers aiming to launch games that are actually in development, which brings me to my favorite picks of E3 2017.

Side note: I’m including both new and old games so remasters/remakes count, and for a very good reason when you get to #1.

5. Metroid Prime 4

All it really took was a black screen and the slow fade in of “Metroid Prime 4” to get every single gamer in the room to wet their pants in excitement. Nintendo’s conference, or showcase, was an exciting one, even though it lasted as long as an episode of a sitcom, but packed more laughs than any of those I care to mention. The standout star, however, was the brief announcement of Prime 4 – even if its Nintendo saying “hey, we’re working on it. You can stop asking now.” As for when it’s released, that’s a different story entirely. Might as well start the yearly clock now.

4. Monster Hunter World

I’m not going to lie, the only Monster Hunter games I’ve bothered to play were on the PSP, but I easily sunk around 500 hours into those. They were my pride and joy growing up, and there’s no doubt that Monster Hunter is an addictive little game. So when Sony pulled up their socks and announced a new Monster Hunter, I was pretty much reliving my primary school days again, complete with bullying and losing my PSP several times. At least Monster Hunter World will save us the grace of being on a console, and I challenge anyone to steal my beauty. The game looks fantastic, by the way.

3. Dragon Ball FighterZ

“It’s about damn time!” was a phrase thrown around a lot at E3 2017, and I’m glad a majority of it seemed to be pointed at the glorious return of the 2D Dragon Ball fighter. Developed by Arc System Works, the same guys behind the Guilty Gear series, the DBZ games have come full circle and finally given into the 3v3 battle system that we didn’t know we wanted this badly until now. The game looks phenomenally fluid, fast-paced, and rage-inducing for anyone who plans to launch an ultimate team move, granted we at least get a cameo from one of the BlazBlue or Guilty Gear characters. That might be more exciting than Bill Murray’s cameo in Zombieland.

2. Marvel’s Spider-Man

I honestly did not expect to see much of Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man at E3 2017, maybe just another teaser trailer, but the full-blown gameplay showcase was a great and sad way to end Sony’s quite underwhelming conference (where’s my Resident Evil 2 Remake?!). Between The Last of Us Part II and this, though, the choice to promote Spider-Man was a necessary one as it brought a lot of us back on board for a new Spidey game that isn’t horribly undermined by a lack of promotion. I don’t even think many people played Web of Shadows due to how poorly promoted it was. Nonetheless, having a big name like Insomniac on board for this reboot is very enticing.

1. Shadow of the Colossus Remake

Yes, I’m speaking as a fanboy, but no game has yet measured up to the emotional, epic grand scale of Shadow of the Colossus. A couple of days before E3, I was actually thinking about how great a ground-up remake of the game would be on PlayStation 4, so lo and behold, Sony responded to my delusional fanatic dream by giving me just that. On top of that, the remake looks absolutely stunning and fully harnesses the power of the PS4. The graphics have received a massive overhaul along with tighter controls. I cannot wait to sink my fingers into this bad boy when it launches next year. The anticipation is at an all-time high.



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