Resident Evil 2 Remake Replaces Original Voice Actors

In a very Capcom-ish move, the Resident Evil 2 Remake will feature entirely new voice actors for its lead characters, Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield and Ada Wong.

Claire’s voice actor, Alyson Court, recently went through a fan petition to get her back on board for the remake, but according to the dubbing crew responsible for the English version in the US, they decided against it and went for new voice talents.

This also counted for the other voice actors, Matt Mercer, who played Leon, and Courtenay Taylor who played Ada. Unfortunately, they will not be returning either. However, this has caused quite a bit of an outrage on social media, especially for fans who originally petitioned to get these talents back into their roles. It’s a two-sided coin for me, personally.

While I can see why fans are upset that Capcom decided against them reprising their roles, it also brings me to when criticism was aimed at 1996’s original (and subsequently the sequel) for its poor voice acting attempts. While the criticism was harsh, it never really deterred the experience of the game. In fact, it was pretty much overlooked given how great the first game turned out to be. So I see this as another case of “we shall wait and see”. There’s no confirmation yet on who these new voice actors are, but rest assured, they can’t possibly spout another line such as “you were almost a Jill Sandwich” in this day and age.

At least, I don’t think Capcom would let history repeat itself. We will have to wait and see since the game does not have any official release date yet.


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