What Is “Spam Blocking” In Fighting Games?

After recently playing Tekken 7 with a few buddies, something rather peculiar was brought to my attention. One of my friends accused the other of something called “spam blocking”, to which that phrase was met with a resounding group laugh. But after digging through enough message boards to really get down to the root of this new strange phenomenon, my efforts have found me… nothing. So I’d like to coin that phrase from here on out and really describe to you fellow curious minds what “spam blocking” means.

We’ve all heard of spam moves in fighting games. That is, when a player continuously uses the same single move over and over again without much skill or grace, and somehow have the bragging rights in the end to call themselves good gamers. However, spam blocking is something that originated from that notion. So, to “spam block” is to piss another player off by doing absolutely nothing but blocking the entire time. I know this might go against the professional eSports players who view this tactic as skilled and articulate planning, but when you’re with a group of friends and the only thing on the line is what’s cooking in the kitchen, there’s not much in the way of selflessly calling someone a spam blocker.

Do I think spam blocking is unfair? Well, no and yes. On one hand, if you’re doing it consciously with the ill-intent of getting your friend to enter a fit of rage, then yes, it might actually be a fun party/troll trick. But when you enter more serious tournaments, this is a definite no-no and perhaps the most unfair thing you can do to prolong the fact that you can’t possibly win this match in a fair manner. In fact, you will resort to spam blocking and perhaps call it something like “planning” when in actuality, you’re just being a troll. And a nasty troglodyte one at that.

So next time you and your buddies are playing Tekken or any form of fighting game, remember that “spam blocking” is definitely a thing now. Sad, sad world we live in.


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