Top 5 PlayStation 3 Games

I’ve been putting off making a top 5 PlayStation 3 games list for quite some time now because I pretty much juggled my #2 and #1 enough times to confuse me. Also, the library of PS3 games is immense, almost twice as much as the PS2 selection, so it was no easy task dwindling it down to only five. Luckily, there are five that already stood out for me long before I had the opportunity to get myself a PS4, I just didn’t realize it yet. So drum roll, ladies and gentleladies, here’s my top 5 PlayStation 3 games. Also note, these are just my personal opinion and don’t represent the opinions of the general consensus, so if you don’t see Grand Theft Auto V on here… know that I kind of consider that game to not be the Second Coming.

5. The Last of Us

Bet you didn’t expect the list start off with this one, did you? While it didn’t make my top spot, I still hold The Last of Us in very high regards as some of the most emotionally draining, beautiful gaming experiences I’ve ever played. It’s far from your typical run-of-the-mill zombie apocalypse game either (if you could really call it that). The Last of Us is drenched in desperation and haunting atmospherics enough to make you shudder – not to mention the games enemies, the terrifying Clickers, who have kindly provided me with a lifetimes worth of nightmares. God bless you, Naughty Dog.

4. BioShock

I fondly remember the first time I played BioShock. After buying my PS3 without any indication of what games I could expect, BioShock landed on my lap as a courtesy of my friend who told me it was like “The Abyss on crack” (*The Abyss is a very underrated James Cameron movie. Check it out). Lo and behold, I enjoyed every minute of it, right down to the truly shocking twist that greets you halfway through the game. I’m still trying to scrape the remnants of my jaw off the floor from that one. Apart from that, BioShock is genuinely one of the most original, exciting, and stylistically excellent games I’ve ever played. Well worth your time underwater in the lovely city of Rapture.

3. Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar expected people to be blown away by Grand Theft Auto IV when it came out, but my feelings were mostly mixed on that (even well into GTAV). However, it left me wondering why the acclaimed developer doesn’t focus their energy into producing spectacular games like Red Dead Redemption. This western open world action title was everything I needed to quench my thirst for the video game equivalent of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and then some more. Rockstar single-handedly, and lovingly, crafted a game to last the ages and leave its mark in the gaming world. I’m absolutely stoked to play the sequel.

2. Dark Souls

If at first you don’t succeed… die, die and die again. FromSoftware’s breakout hit RPG, Dark Souls, the successor to Demon’s Souls, is the quintessential hardcore AAA gaming experience complete with broken controllers and a ticking meter on your sanity. Dark Souls pushed the envelope for what could be done in an RPG (besides breaking your television), and brought an experience that required your utmost patience to learn. Even by the end of the game, you were still learning the ropes of Dark Souls, and I think that’s what makes this one truly special. You were never safe, regardless of how skilled of a player you were.

1. Portal 2

It’s been a long time since Valve have actually developed a game, and while I patiently wait for our Lord and Saviour Gabe Newell to bless us with Half-Life 3 (a man can dream, okay), Portal 2 will gladly hold me over. This groundbreaking, albeit short, sequel to the original equally groundbreaking game, Portal, takes the physics-defying gameplay to some pretty incredible new heights along with perfectly timed comedy and some of the most memorable, lovable characters that will ever be in a video game. Portal 2 is perfection in a box, and I’m proud to call it the best PlayStation 3 game your money can buy. Even though it’s pretty cheap now, but whatever…


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